$5,000,000 Settlement


A young female adult boarded a subway train. As the train pulled out of the station, the female (our client) wanting to move to a forward car, opened the door of the car she was in and started to pass through the forward car. There was a sudden jolt. She was thrown forcefully to one side, and somehow fell between the two moving cars onto the tracks. A passenger observing this, screamed out for a conductor who pulled the emergency chord. When the train came to a stop, emergency crews rushed to the tracks where they found the young woman. Her two legs were severed. Rushed to the hospital, a surgical team was summoned as they attempted to re-attach her legs through microsurgery. Only one leg could be attached after 12 hours of intensive surgery.

Charging the defendant train company, that it failed to warn passengers who might be changing cars, and failing to have a reasonable safety device to prevent passengers from falling between trains onto the tracks, a substantial settlement was reached.