$225,000 Settlement Image

$225,000 Settlement

The Finz firm alleged that appropriate safety restraints were not placed to secure our client in the ambulette. As a result of this failure, when the driver stopped short, our client lurched forward in her wheelchair and hit her head on one of the chair’s leg braces. The defense argued that the ambulette driver was not obligated to place safety restraints on our client, and that he did not hit the brakes hard but rather made a routine stop. The defense also contended that the medical complications our client suffered were not from the accident but from her existing medical conditions. There was a minimal offer from the defense counsel to settle the case, which was outright rejected. When the attorneys at the Finz firm pressed on, with confidence that they could establish negligence on the part of the ambulette driver, a mediation was scheduled to discuss the real value of the injury to our client. After a long mediation session, a settlement was reached in the sum of $225,000. 

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