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Construction Scaffolding Ladder Accidents

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), construction is one of the most dangerous industries today. The industry accounted for 20.8% of all workplace deaths in 2001. While proper safety measures should always be taken and the correct gear should be worn, one of the most common injuries sustained on construction sites are falls from ladders and scaffolding.

Have you been injured in a ladder or scaffolding accident at a New York City construction site?

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Ladder Accidents

Working on and around ladders in New York City can be hazardous. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that there are at least 180,000 ladder-related emergency-room visits and 150 deaths each year.

With its wide range of use, ladders are used often in construction, alteration, repair, painting, decorating, demolition, and on various other worksites. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has outlined safety and health standards that apply to all ladders used in construction. However, accidents will occur and those at fault, such as site owners, building owners, and general contractors, can be held accountable if negligence to safety standards or defective equipment is found to be the cause.

Scaffold Accidents

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has estimated that 65% of construction employees work on scaffolds frequently; that is, close to 2.3 million construction employees work on scaffolding on a regular basis. Unfortunately, almost 4,500 construction workers suffer serious and often fatal injuries each year due to improper scaffolding safety precautions and employer negligence. Have your or a loved one been injured in a scaffolding accident while working? Our lawyers can help! Contact one of our New York City scaffolding accident attorneys today to learn more about your workers compensation rights!

Types of Injuries

Due to hazardous workplace conditions, many construction workers who work on ladders or scaffolds are subject to risks, including:

  • Falls from elevation, due to lack of fall protection.
  • Collapse of the scaffold or ladder, caused by instability or overloading.
  • Being struck by falling tools, work materials, or debris.
  • Electrocution, principally due to proximity of the scaffold or ladder to overhead power lines.

These types of risks can often lead to a variety of serious injuries like head trauma, broken bones, and other types of injuries that will need immediate medical attention.

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