New York Mold Respiratory Illness Lawyer


Moisture collected inside the walls of a house or apartment complex can cause dangerous mold to develop. Mold causes significant property damage and severe personal injury. One of the most common types of mold is black mold, which is toxic enough to force people from their homes. The percentage of mold-related illnesses has steadily increased within the last year.

How Mold Enters Your Body

Mold enters your body by breathing in mold spores carried in the air. Because of their extremely small size, mold spores can enter deep into the lungs. Mold can be carried to the mouth from the hands and can also be absorbed into the stomach and intestines.

Health Effects Caused by Exposure to Mold

Health problems caused by mold include Asthma, Mycosis, Chronic Cough, and Memory Loss. Some other problems mold causes are hearing loss, dizziness, rashes, and excessive bruising.

There are immediate and long-term health effects regarding mold. The immediate health effects are allergies, skin irritation, headache and vomiting. Long-term health effects include emphysema, chronic bronchitis, lung fibrosis, dermatitis, lung cancer and intestinal cancer.

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