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Dangers Caused By the Design of the Road

Hazardous roads can often cause serious accidents. Some of these factors may include poor maintenance, confusing signage, or inadequate road design. Such dangerous road conditions can cause serious injuries to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

Have you been severely injured in an NYC accident due to the hazardous condition of the road?

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Types of NYC Road Hazards

The engineering and construction of roadways are designed to safeguard drivers from dangerous road hazards. However, when the design of roadways contributes to dangerous road conditions, it can result in harmful consequences for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Have you been injured due to road hazards? Contact an experienced New York City Car Accident Lawyer today to learn more about your legal options.

The following are types of road conditions that can cause serious and even fatal road accidents if faulty design or maintenance is found to be involved:

  • Bankings
    When roads and highways curve, the outside edge of the road is raised at an angle for safety. These roadway bankings are specifically designed for the speed of traffic, allowing vehicles to safely manage and maneuver the outside edge and curve of the road without driving off the road. When the banking is either insufficient or excessive, danger to motorists can increase.
  • Barriers and Guard Rails
    Barriers, guard rails, speed bumps, medians, and curbs help separate lanes of traffic and prevent vehicles from crossing the median or otherwise leaving the roadway. If these structures are inadequate in design or implementation, they can leave drivers vulnerable and can even contribute to accidents.
  • Entry and Exit Ramps
    At times, traffic congestion can make it impossible to avoid backups at highway entry and exit ramps. Good design of entry and exit ramps can help ease congestion and increase vehicle accessibility. However, poorly designed entries and exits can hinder vehicles from safely merging and changing lanes.
  • Road Markings
    The use of reflective markings and reflectors can help drivers stay in their lanes at night or in poor weather conditions. Broken and solid lines indicate where passing is safe or forbidden. Roadway markings should be made visible and understandable to help motorists understand the area of the road and avoid preventable accidents.
  • Road Surface
    Different road surfaces help warn drivers of upcoming hazards or that they are starting to drift out of the traffic lane.
  • Shoulder Design
    Designing for adequate shoulder room on a roadway can improve the safety of a road, by allowing space between vehicle traffic and a barrier or ditch. Shoulders can provide motorists with a location to safely pull off the road in the event of mechanical failure.
  • Signage
    Signs make it easier for drivers to anticipate upcoming intersections and hazards. Signage should be highly visible and properly illuminated to make it less likely that motorists will become lost or confused.
  • Traffic Control Devices
    Traffic signals, stop and yield signs, lights to designate intersections, school crossings, and pedestrian crossings, and other road signal devices are designed to control the flow of traffic. Appropriate placement of these devices can improve safety for both drivers and pedestrians.

What to do if a New York Road Hazard Causes an Accident

If an accident occurs, it is important to gather the evidence needed to make a proper road hazard accident claim. Investigation into the accident and its causes should begin immediately. Because signage and roadwork can occur without due notice, evidence can be lost. Thus it is important to speak with an experienced New York Auto Accident Lawyer who is knowledgeable of road design accident law.

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