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Aggressive Animals

Each year aggressive animals attack and bite millions of people. Regardless of their size or tendency to be brutish, all animals can be capable of serious harm with enough provocation. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people have a 50% chance of being bitten by an animal every year. When such harm is done, victims of animal bites may be able to hold animal owners liable for their injury under certain circumstances. Liability laws vary from state to state and it is important to contact an New York Dog Bite Attorney to understand victim’s rights in an animal bite case.

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Dog Bites

Dog bites are one of the most commonly reported animal bite injuries in the United States. Nearly 2% of the U.S. population is bitten by dogs every year – that is more than 4.7 million people annually. Bites to children represent almost half of the total number of reported cases and children are twice as likely to need medical care than adults.

A New York bite from a dog may result in a minor puncture wound or may cause more serious harm depending on the dog’s health. Dog bites can result in a victim suffering from various diseases since a dog’s mouth can contain germs and rabies.

If You are Bitten by a Dog or Other Animal in New York

The most important first step to take if you are bitten and injured by an animal is to clean the wound and seek immediate medical attention. If not treated, an animal bite can lead to serious injury or even death due to infection or other illness.

Once evaluated and treated by a doctor, you may also want to consult a New York Dog Bite Attorney to discuss a possible legal claim and any recovery for damages resulting from animal bites. A bite victim may be able to recover compensation with the help of an attorney, from any person whose negligence caused the animal attack, a person who violated a leash law or a law prohibiting an animal, such as a dog, from running about without supervision, or a person who kept an animal with the knowledge that the animal had a history of hurting people.

As an animal bite victim, it is important to collect as much information as you can about the injury and animal in order for an attorney to adequately assess the situation and provide legal counsel. You may want to seek information about the animal’s medical history, the animal’s behavior history, witness accounts of the incident, any police reports in connection to the incident, and medical information of the victim after the attack.

While liability laws very from state to state, animal owners may be held responsible for the injurious behavior of their pets if one can prove that the owner knew the animal may be dangerous and could potentially cause harm to others.

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