Lisa Feinstein


“Like all who seek out a malpractice attorney, my mother’s world had been turned upside down. She lost someone, to NO fault of their own, and couldn’t bear to think the people responsible would ever have the opportunity to be so careless, thoughtless and unprofessional again. Finz & Finz, P.C. saved her from an unsettled life, and gave her the closure she so desperately needed. My mother wasn’t just represented by one attorney, she was represented by an entire firm – attorneys, paralegals, and receptionists. Each person she was in contact with was instrumental in her case’s outcome. She was told from the beginning that the value of her case may not be what the firm hoped, but they would fight for everything she deserved. They proved that no matter how much the monetary outcome is in a case, a client will be treated equally, whether a case is worth millions or not. This firm fought for my mother to the very end. She was treated with respect, compassion, patience and kindness. Ellen Sundheimer and CaraMia Hart held her hand throughout this grueling and brutal process of reliving this life changing event. They kept her updated along the way and guided her with gentle and wise advise. What can I say, I didn’t ever want my mother to need the services or representation of a malpractice attorney, but I am so very grateful that she was represented and cared for by Finz & FInz, they brought value and worth to a life that was lost, a life that deserved so much better.”

-Lisa Feinstein