Joann De Lucia Brew


“Throughout my husbands four year battle with cancer the team at FINZ & FINZ were caring and responsive to help us through this heartbreaking journey we unfortunately had to travel. Without their guidance and knowledge we both would’ve been lost in our grief and pain. STU FINZ and his incredible team of lawyers along with his entire team of experts, got us through each painful phase of living through his misdiagnoses. I never would have had the strength to continue on and fight for my husbands injustice. LAURA’S compassion and guidance and endless diligence kept me informed and at peace knowing all that was legally possible was being done to rectify the injustice that was stowed upon my husband to bear. We never felt alone. There was ALWAYS someone to talk to, to listen to us, and to hold us up when times became nearly impossible to continue on The respect and professionalism they showed us speaks for itself. My gratitude and heartfelt appreciation will remain loyal to the FINZ & FINZ LAW FIRM forever. The huge settlement they won for us could never replace the loss my family had to endure when we lost my husband, but ensured us that me and my children’s future will be financially secured.

We went in as “clients, and left as “Family .❤️

Thank you all.”

-Joann De Lucia Brew