New York City Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer


When Cruise Ship Accidents Happen it is Business as Usual


  • In the past 10 years, no less than 4 ships have run aground
  • In 2007 alone 4 ships have run aground
  • Fires on board in machine rooms are common and cause damage to property and result in serious personal injury

Accident Reports

  • A Star Princess ship caught fire in Jamaica, which killed one man, 11 were injured and 150 cabins were damaged. Approximately 2,600 passengers had to be flown home
  • The Empress of North that was carrying 180 passengers ran aground. Passengers had to board a sister ship. This was not the first time it had happened
  • The Crown Princess encountered problems with steering which resulted in the ship rolling heavily to it’s side. The ship tilted for at least 15 seconds causing objects to fly and strike passengers resulting in injuries
  • In July 2005 a honeymooning groom fell overboard on a Royal Caribbean Mediterranean cruise
  • In April 2005 the Norwegian Dawn was struck by a 70-foot rogue wave. This resulted in windows breaking and 60 cabins were flooded. There were several passengers with injuries

If an accident happens while on a cruise ship, passengers should be compensated. Most cruise ships relocate passengers to unaffected cabins, offer refunds, offer discounts or credits, and provide alternative transportation.

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