$5,042,432 Verdict


Under the law, a manufacturer of a product has the duty to warn the consumer of the dangers of that product, and the manner in which the product is to be used, so as to provide reasonable safety to the user.

Here the defendant knew or should have known, how to properly add zinc cyanide to brass plating within the standards of safety to the user. While the defendant claimed that its product was a safe one if used properly, we pressed the claim that its warnings of danger, and the method of use of its product was not in keeping with safe industry standards. At trial, we were also able to overcome defendant’s strong denial that the subject product was not of their manufacture, claiming that a foreign powder (not that of the defendant’s) was used in the mixture. Using aggressive investigative techniques, we discovered a remote sales record that assisted the jury in placing liability upon the manufacturer. The jury (after a 4-week trial) accepted our proof returning a verdict that provided our client with financial security for the future.