Workplace Accidents: The Young and The Reckless


Employers frequently turn to younger workers to cut costs. Older, more experienced workers tend to expect a higher hourly wage commensurate with their work experience. Then, to further save money, corners are often cut when training these young people. When the young person gets hurt, the business claims it was because the person was young and reckless, denying responsibility. Yet it was the business that failed to train these individuals properly.

Working as a teen is a wonderful chance to get a leg up on your future. Not only can you make a little extra money, but the valuable experience you gain builds your resume for your future endeavors. Working teens also learn the responsibilities of following a schedule and completing a job assigned to them.

But all those positives are meaningless when teens are getting hurt in large numbers. The statistics on workplace injuries for teen workers are sobering. In 2014 alone:

  • Thousands of individuals under the age of 18 were injured on the job
  • Large percentages of these admitted to having little to no safety training on the job before being assigned difficult and dangerous tasks
  • The amount of young people injured on the job increased 14 percent year over year

Being injured on the job while young has major ramifications on the rest of your working life. Teenagers injured on the job are much more likely to suffer longer periods of unemployment, and their long-term wages are negatively affected. If you or someone you love was injured on the job, it is important you contact a lawyer to make sure that your rights are protected. The same business that offered inferior training cannot be trusted to do right by you without the proper pressure being applied, and an experienced attorney will know how to apply that pressure.

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