With the Olympics on the Horizon, Accidents May Occur


Rigorous training started months and years ago for many of the athletes we’ll see in the Winter Olympics games in Sochi this February. From Lindsay Vonn’s recurring knee injuries, to the tragic accident involving professional speed skier, Michael Schumacher, we know that no matter how skilled an athlete may be, or how long the training may have taken place, an accident in any of these sports could be life threatening. Most of us are not Olympic quality material, nor do we desire to be. We are content enjoying winter sports for what they are, and doing our best to remain injury free. We still test our limits and our talents, however, and too many of us will wind up in the emergency room from a skiing or other accident this year.

When the snow beckons us to whip out the skis and compete with our siblings, what are some precautions we need to keep in mind?

  • If you take part in cross-country skiing, always do so with a buddy. If you don’t have a buddy who will go with you, be sure you let someone know what route you will take when you are out on your own.
  • If you are a beginner, don’t attempt to take on the expert hills, runs, or routes. While you may find it challenging, doing so could mean an injury right at the start.
  • Be sure your path is cleared when you are skiing, no matter how skilled you are at maneuvering your way around an obstacle. That obstacle could be a person, and it could be tool late before you find that you need to be moving in a different direction. Likewise, it’s smart to stay out of the way of any oncoming skiers as well. Your time to move out of the way may not be as quick as you think.
  • Attempting ticks is best left to the experts, or someone with a experience in that type of maneuver. Be sure you have a coach or someone on hand when you are trying out new tricks on the slopes.

The Winter Olympics are nothing less than inspiring for many, and we all know that we have many tiny future Olympic hopefuls on the horizon. This year, vow to be safe in winter sports activities.

If you have been injured, or know someone who has been injured on a ski run or any type of sport, it’s best to enlist the advice of an attorney who can work with the operators of the ski lift and other state entities to solve the puzzle of your personal injury.

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