When a House Fire Ruins the Holiday Season


The holidays are here. Both celebrations and accidents will be on the horizon for many. Children are injured all the time at Halloween, and many a kitchen fire has started from a turkey left too long in the oven on the big day. And, with vacation rentals becoming increasingly more popular, what about the family who rents their home though a vacation rental service and finds a house burned to the ground upon their return? These incidents are not rare.

When an accident happens involving the home, who is at fault? The manufacturer of the fireplace or oven? The vacationers who rented your home? Home damage presents many problems and it is difficult to ascertain who is at fault, especially if you or someone is injured as a result.

Accidents occur in all forms around the holidays, and home fires account for millions of dollars in property damage alone, not to mention devastating injuries or death to burn victims. To ensure that you are not a statistic this holiday season, remember that the holidays present unfamiliar circumstances in the way our homes are arranged. We make room for additional guests by rearranging furniture; we take decorations out of storage and fail to check them for missing parts or safety; we overload the electrical outlets with strings of lights and electrical décor. Here are some ways to stay safe this holiday season so that a house fire does not ruin your celebration:

  • Invest in fire extinguishers and place them throughout the home.
  • Leave pathways to the door clear, particularly when placing holiday décor around the home.
  • Keep candles at a height where they are away from small children or pets.
  • Keep flashlights with batteries easily accessible.
  • Use grounded sources for electricity when hanging up outdoor lights and decorations.
  • Make sure all smoke alarms are in working condition.
  • Provide ashtrays for friends who smoke; better yet, insist smoking takes place outside.

Our home is a haven of safety and respite, and is the center of many of our holiday gatherings and traditions. Many a holiday has been altered after someone is injured or burned due to irresponsibility when it comes to fire and safety. If you or someone you know has been injured in a house fire, contact a firm who knows the risks and liability of products and home hazards to help you find the compensation you deserve.

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