When a Homecoming Parade Turns Deadly


Maybe this is the catalyst for change.

Over the last few years, it seems more and more Americans have started to downplay the dangers of drunk-driving. Too many people insist that it isn’t that dangerous, or that the punishments are too harsh. But sometimes one event can demonstrate to an entire country why something needs to be taken seriously, and the devastation at the Homecoming parade in Stillwater, Oklahoma might be that event.

Thousands of people had gathered to celebrate Homecoming for the Oklahoma State football team, and a parade was being held. Many families from the city and other nearby towns made a day of it, bringing their children to witness the festivities. There wasn’t any way for them to know the horror that awaited.

As the parade was ongoing, a car driven by 25-year-old Adacia Avery Chambers plowed into the crowd. When all was said and done:

  • Four people were dead, including a two-year-old child
  • Almost fifty people were injured
  • Of the injured, approximately one out of every four was a child

Adacia Avery Chambers was immediately arrested for suspicion of drunk driving, and indications are she will be charged with murder. Still, knowing it takes an event of this magnitude to get proper charges filed is sad. All over the country, drunk drivers are just as dangerous as Ms. Chambers, but without massive carnage people tend to look the other way.

Those who wish to see drunk-driving properly punished need to seize opportunities such as this. Now is a good time to write letters to congressmen, gather signatures for petitions, and hold rallies. People shouldn’t be allowed to forget the danger drunk-driving presents.

If you or someone you love was injured or killed by a drunk driver, the perpetrator likely got off a lot easier than Ms. Chambers will. But even if the criminal courts do not hold a person to account, the civil courts can. Please contact an experienced attorney who can help you pursue the justice you are entitled to.

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