What to Watch Before Booking a Vacation Rental


AirBNBs are an attractive option in many situations. Pricing is frequently much cheaper than hotels in the area, and house rentals offer additional space with fewer worries about noise and other issues that come along with shared walls in traditional temporary lodgings.

But AirBNBs also present additional safety issues that are usually not present with hotels. These safety issues include:

  • Lack of maintenance crews to ensure safety issues are promptly addressed
  • No requirements for regular life/safety inspections, including fire inspections
  • No guarantee that any inspections are made by the owner to ensure that basic safety needs are addressed

Though hotels are certainly responsible for many injuries every year, visitors can also be reasonably sure that the hotel carries proper insurance in case an incident occurs. This is frequently not true with AirBNBs. There is no hard data regarding how many of these homes carry proper commercial insurance, but many owners assume traditional homeowner’s policies will provide protection. This usually is not the case if the property is being used for commercial purposes.

Because these properties are not properly insured, knowing how to proceed if you are injured can be difficult. Determining who is liable for what can require an experienced attorney to sort through any contracts. In general, the owner is liable for their premises in these situations, as they lack proper insurance and AirBNB itself takes no responsibility in the contract language agreed to by people renting out their properties.

If you have been injured due to an accident while staying at an AirBNB, figuring out what caused the accident is the first priority. Then, once that has been determined, understanding who is liable is a major priority. Please, retain an experienced attorney who can evaluate the contract language and help you proceed with your case.

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