Videotaping at the Scene Hinders Medical Care


These horrors are becoming more commonplace as social media, smartphones, and other electronics seem to be desensitizing a generation to violence.

The newest story is particularly horrifying. A man, upon seeing a terrible car accident, rushed over to one of the damaged vehicles and pulled open the door. But instead of trying to provide help to the injured people inside, the man pulled out his cellphone and filmed their suffering. He didn’t even bother calling 911, even as two teenagers suffered right in front of them. One of the victims died in the hospital, and might would have survived if help had arrived more quickly.

Sadly, these types of events are not as rare as we would hope. Certain behaviors in regards to accident are becoming almost common, including:

  • People taking selfies and other inappropriate pictures at the scene of accidents
  • People posting about their own drunkenness on twitter and Facebook before getting behind the wheel and causing accidents
  • Online harassment and stalking of accident victims by the people who caused their accident

It’s always been hard to be an accident victim, but modern technology has made it even harder. If you have been injured in an accident, it is important to contact a lawyer who can help protect you from all the terrible harassments that might occur. Please, find an experienced attorney to help you pursue your case against those who have harmed you.

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