Use Caution on Elevators When Traveling


Six teenagers trying to make a difference in the world were injured on a trip to New Orleans. The teens were volunteering in the area hoping to help families still recovering from the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina. On July 20th, they boarded an elevator, only to have the elevator come crashing down from the third floor.

Elevator accidents happen all over the world, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they are truly accidents, where a wire unexpectedly and unpredictably gives out. But all too often these incidents are the result of improper care of the machinery, or of deferred maintenance. Because the important parts of an elevator are not easily visible, there is no way for a passenger to know before boarding that something is likely to go wrong.

Proper inspections are extremely important and mandated in most states. Determining whether those inspections took place is key if you are injured on an elevator. Authorities should perform an investigation into the cause of the fall, but sometimes those investigations are not thorough enough, or accessing the paperwork can be difficult.

An experienced attorney can help guide you through the process of conducting your own investigation or help you get copies of the inspections of others. If you are injured while traveling, which is common in elevator incidents, a qualified lawyer will guide you in determining in which jurisdiction to file your suit. Different jurisdictions have different rules, and knowing those rules is fundamental to success.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an elevator accident, knowing the right steps to take is difficult. An attorney with years of experience filing these types of cases is often the best thing you can do to move forward. Please, reach out to a lawyer for a case evaluation.