Use Caution on Certain Parts of the Road


We all know how much care we need to take when driving on the freeways, highways and roads in our communities. We know that the infrastructure is created such that it offers the best flow of traffic in the most efficient way to get us from our starting point to our final destination. We pay attention to the speed limit, we use our turn signals and we abide by most rules of the road. But, what we might not often encounter on a daily basis are certain parts of the roadways that bring about other challenges in routine driving habits: areas such as bridges and tunnels, exit and entry ramps, and roundabouts.

Any time there is a change in the road pattern, we are cautioned by signs and road workers to pay extra attention to our line of vision and where we are going. Sometimes we are lucky enough to have warning signs; other times we simply need to be aware of what lies ahead. Here are some added pieces of information for staying safe in the above mentioned scenarios:

  • Bridges: Bridges present themselves with all sorts of factors that could make crossing a body of water safe—or scary. Due to the variety of bridges, each one presents its own set of challenges and safety measures. Pay attention to flashing lights, oncoming traffic and duration of time on the bridge.
  • Tunnels: While the one tunnel accident that sticks in the minds of many is the tragedy of Princess Diana’s death in a Paris tunnel, tunnels present much in the way of disorientation, misperception of lights and traffic, and claustrophobia. Pay extra attention when in a tunnel to keep yourself safe from one end to the other.
  • Roundabouts: Many roundabouts are being constructed in towns across the country in an effort to make traffic flow smoother without the use of stoplights. Yet, many drivers are unfamiliar with how the roundabouts work. Follow the arrows and signs in your lane to ensure you enter and exit the roundabout safely.
  • Exit ramps and entry ramps. When entering or exiting a freeway, the flow of traffic can get congested and muddled. Make sure you can read signs correctly and stay to the right or left of where you need to be to make the next turn.

Paying attention on the road is a necessity wherever you are. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident or know someone who was injured or died in a motor vehicle accident, enlisting the assistance of a New York law firm who can work with various agencies will help you settle your case quickly and effectively.

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