Uber Fails to Pose Driver Limitations


The role of driver fatigue in increasing the risk of motor vehicle accidents is well established. The more tired a driver is, the more likely it is they will be involved in a crash. Because of this, more and more businesses that employ drivers have begun to crack down on the amount of time an individual spends behind the wheel.

Trucking companies have issued moratoriums on drivers’ hours, choosing to prioritize safety over the speed of delivery. Many cities and companies have started to limit the number of hours that cabbies can work. But Uber, which “employs” as many drivers as anybody, doesn’t have any types of limitations on how many hours one of their contractors can work.

The competition, Lyft, shuts off its app after driver logs too many consecutive trips. But Uber fails to do so. And with the way Uber pays drivers is based on demand, there are incentives for a driver to keep working if the pay rate suddenly goes up. Even ten or twelve hours into a day of driving, if the rate suddenly doubles, many drivers will find the economic incentive more important than safety.

This type of irresponsible corporate behavior is unacceptable. If Uber were allowing its drivers to have a few beers before driving, people would instantly recognize how dangerous it is. Twelve straight hours of driving is almost certainly equally dangerous to a person’s reflexes and yet is allowed to continue.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident, determining whether or not the other driver was impaired in any way is important. Sobriety tests and breathalyzers are good, but determining whether or not the driver was impaired by fatigue is equally important. Please contact an experienced lawyer who will know how to gain access to the information you need to press your case.

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