Two Out of Three is Bad: Automobile Recalls Among the Big 3


It has not been a good few weeks for the Big 3 US automakers. The Big 3, so-called because they are the three largest motor vehicle manufacturers in the country, is comprised of Ford, General Motors, and Fiat Chrysler. Now, two of those three, GM and Ford, are being forced into large scale recalls.

First, Ford Motor Company ended July 2017 by announcing a recall of nearly 120,000 trucks due to fears that various parts of the seat belt mechanism could fracture. Clearly, there is a significant danger involved with seat belt malfunction, as the primary purpose of a seat belt is to protect the driver or passenger in case of a crash. The vehicles in question are 2014 and 2015 models, meaning people have been at risk for years without knowing it.

General Motors started in August 2017 by issuing a recall of their own for nearly 800,000 vehicles. The vehicles in question, Silverado and Sierra pickup trucks can lose power steering under certain circumstances. Inconsistent power steering is a major potential danger, as drivers might be unaware they have lost it until it is too late. The models in question are from 2014.

Nearly a million vehicles, mostly trucks, are affected by just these two recalls. And the models in question have been on the market for years, posing hazards to drivers and other cars. Even now, it is difficult to determine whether this is the full extent of the vehicles affected, or if more will follow in the coming months. Recalls often grow in scope over time.

If you or someone you love has suffered due to a defective automobile part, the idea that trucks are on the road with faulty seatbelts and power steering must be terrifying. Please contact an experienced attorney and share your story with them. A qualified lawyer can help you determine how to proceed with getting compensation for your suffering.

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