Truck Drivers Must Be Careful of Legal Drugs and Supplements


It is well established that certain drugs and supplements taken by truck drivers increase the risk of an accident occurring. Whether it be methamphetamine to stay awake or another illegal substance, the side effects (or main effects) or many drugs drastically increase the risk of an accident occurring by providing artificial by insufficient alertness.

Truck drivers should stay away from these illegal substances, but legal supplements may also increase the risk of a truck accident. Because of the rigorous requirements of their work, caffeine pills and other uppers are commonly used, but these artificial means of stimulation do little to address the dulled reflexes and other side effects of fatigue, even while providing the illusion of being more awake.

Prescription drugs pose their own risks. Drugs that truck drivers should be careful before taking and driving include:

  • Opiates
  • Marijuana, in states where it is legal
  • Clonazepam and other, similar medications
  • Certain anti-anxiety and ADD drugs

Being aware of the side effects of a medication is important. If the drug might cause extreme drowsiness, such as Benadryl and generic equivalents, a person should not drive after taking a dose, even though the medication is available over-the-counter. Just because a drug does not require a prescription, or just because the prescription is valid, does not mean it is safe to drive while under the influence of that medication.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a truck accident, determining what substances the driver was under the influence of can be important in understanding what caused the accident to occur. Please consult with an experienced attorney regarding holding the other driver responsible for the substances they chose to put in their body.

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