The Risks with Delayed C-Sections


The labor and delivery process can be very difficult. Oftentimes, the woman giving birth does not understand her options. She relies upon her doctor, the professional, to help her make the best choices she can as quickly as needed. In best-case scenarios, the doctor presents the information and helps the patient make an informed decision.

Sometimes, however, this just is not an option. There are times when the doctor has no choice but to perform an emergency procedure. Often, this emergency procedure is a C-Section, or Cesarean section, where the baby is delivered surgically. There are a number of reasons an emergency C-Section might be performed, including:

  • Placental abruption, where the placenta has separated from the uterus
  • Complications with the umbilical cord, including the umbilical cord choking the unborn child
  • Fetal distress, as evidenced by decreased heartbeat or other symptoms

When these situations occur, the delivering doctor does not always have time to help the woman make an informed choice. They must move quickly. The physician has years of training and experience that the expectant mother does not have, and it is the physician’s ultimate responsibility to ensure the safety of the baby.

Unfortunately, all too often the process does not move quickly enough. Delayed C-Sections are associated with a variety of birth injuries. Among these, hypoxia is among the most common, as the infant suffered a lack of oxygen to the brain while waiting for the obstetrician to make the correct call. Hypoxia is associated with learning difficulties and cerebral palsy.

If your child suffered a birth injury due to a delayed C-Section, it is important that you contact an attorney. The doctor must be held accountable for putting your child and possibly many other children at risk. Please, retain an experienced lawyer to help you push for what you need to care for your child.

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