Thanksgiving: A Scene for Injury?


When we think of Thanksgiving and family gatherings, we rarely think of injuries and accidents. But the holidays do bring about a time of year where injuries and accidents of various kinds tend to rear their heads. With everything from kitchen injuries, to traffic accidents, to accidents that happen in the home, keeping yourself and your family safe during this time is as critical as the perfect timing on taking that turkey out of the oven. Here’s how you can be sure to have a festive and uneventful holiday this year.

The kitchen is the prime location for injury and accidents as family and friends gather ‘round to pitch in with various cooking tasks. Stay safe by:

  • Keeping little ones out of the kitchen. Period. The additional activity puts everyone in a different mood, and people are displaced. Keeping your kitchen a kid-free zone during cooking times will ensure they are not underfoot causing added distraction.
  • Make sure you have enough electrical outlets to accommodate the extra appliances that will be used during this time. Overloading sockets can mean fires and accidents.
  • Make sure all walkways and hallways are cleared from toys, debris, coats and pets. It’s easy for those who are unfamiliar with your home to trip or catch their foot on the rolled-up carpet edge that you might be used to, but that might be new to them.
  • Keep pets outside when possible. Dogs love activity, but are sometimes overexcited with newcomers as they become even more protective of their turf. A dog bite, no matter how friendly your dog normally appears, is never the way to kick off a Thanksgiving celebration.
  • Alcohol and festivities seem to go hand in hand for many families. Be sure to offer non-alcoholic drinks and encourage guests to alternate one alcoholic beverage with a non-alcoholic beverage to keep all personalities in tact.
  • Never allow someone who has been drinking excessively to drive way from your home. Offer to call a cab or drive them to the destination yourself as long as you have not been drinking.

Thanksgiving means family reunions, friends visiting, and general relaxation for most. Keeping your home safe during a time to be thankful, will ensure many other reason to be grateful in the future. If you have been injured while visiting the home of someone else, or have been injured at your own home due to a product malfunction, be sure to seek the advice of a New York attorney who can help you investigate and settle your case.

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