Swimming Pools: A Danger Zone for Children


Summer is just around the corner, and preparations are being made to ready our backyards and swimming pools for extra activity, family reunions and eager children. Sadly, however, some states have already recorded their first fatality of 2014 caused by a swimming pool drowning. The Centers for Disease Controls cites startling statistics when it comes to demographics regarding pool accidents. In fact, before the summer is over, many children will drown from pools in the backyard of a close friend or relative. What can you do to keep your child safe during the summer months?

Losing a child is devastating for parents, and nothing consumes a parent more than the guilt they feel for having looked away for a brief second while their child was in a tub or swimming pool. That’s what it takes: one second of distraction for a child to slip under water and not be able to come up out of the water. Children have been known to drown in buckets, and in bathtubs with only a few inches of water.

Since the summer is just starting, it’s a good idea now to take the proper precautions that may save the life of you, your child or a beloved family member or friend. If you have not done the following already, here’s what you can do:

  • Install a fence around the pool, with a padlock or other form of closure that little ones cannot reach.
  • Make sure life vests are handy and in the pool area.
  • Cover the pool when it is not in use, if possible.
  • Have clear markings in the pool that show the depth of different portions of the water.
  • Enforce a “no running” rule when the pool is “open for business.”
  • Do not allow roughhousing or horseplay in and around the pool.
  • Make sure an adult is supervising children at all times.
  • Enforce a “no drinking” rule around the pool area.

Little ones can slip out of your sight and hands very quickly, and they are intrigued by the water. Keeping your pool area safe may mean all the difference between a summer tragedy or a fun family activity for many years to come.

If your child has been injured or drowned as a result of someone’s negligence with regard to pool safety, taking matters into your own hands is never a good idea. Enlist the support of a Manhattan attorney who can help you with your case.

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