Surviving a Plane Crash: Is It Possible?


In July 2013 an Asian aircraft performed a crash landing in San Francisco, burning most of the plane and injuring many. Surprisingly, there were only four fatalities from the crash of a fully-occupied flight. How did the efforts of the crew and passengers contribute to the lack of multiple fatalities? Is it possible to survive a plane crash when certain elements for landing and knowledge are out of your control?

The National Traffic Safety Bureau reported 494 aviation fatalities in 2011, a relatively low number considering the quantity of flights that take off and land at major airports across the country and throughout the world. Pilots are skilled on how to land during the event of an emergency, and what to do if they sense impending danger with the weather, instrument malfunctions, and turmoil from irate passengers who may cause disruption among other passengers and crew. Often, with nothing on their side except how to land the plane in a safe zone, we place our trust in the knowledge that they will allow us to arrive safely at our destinations.

If you are a passenger on a flight that is alerted to unfavorable conditions, here are some steps you can take to lean more toward your survival in this time of crisis:

  • Pay attention to any instructions by the crew and captain.
  • Don’t try to solve the problem yourself or ignore the orders because you think the situation won’t apply to you.
  • Stay calm and relax your body.
  • Trust that the flight attendants and pilots are doing everything they can to ensure your safety. Unless you are a licensed pilot yourself, their knowledge is greater than yours in this area.
  • Keep your head low and fold your body over your knees, while protecting your head.

We have heard stories of lone survivors in plane crashes, those who narrowly escaped death. Our goal is to keep you in that category if you are involved in a crash so that you have a long life of flight travel ahead. When solving the mystery of a plane crash, there are many organizations and agencies that take part in the investigation, from a local level to a federal level. Re-creation of the crash, interviewing eyewitnesses, and in-depth interviews with passengers are all part of the agenda during an air crash investigation. Knowing that you have reputable attorney and law firm in New York who can handle this type of personal injury case will keep justice on your side when you are ready.

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