Summer Travel and Injury: Keeping Your Vacationers Safe


During the summer months, many travelers take to the roads and air for ideal vacations, family reunions and family getaways. We have our bags packed, our tickets printed, and we are ready for the adventure. Our minds are already in vacation mode. What could go wrong? According to the Centers for Disease Controls—plenty can go wrong. Injuries and accidents ranging from boating accidents to plane crashes to escalator accidents, drownings, and amusement park accidents and more can loom in the future for those who are not careful when planning the vacation of a lifetime.

Over the years, travelers have been injured on elevators when luggage straps or parts of clothing become caught in the steps of a moving escalator. Others have had coffee spilled on them during the course of a flight. Passengers and group travelers have been exposed to infectious diseases by those who do not disclose their illnesses. And, we all know that for whatever reason, many airlines have had to make emergency landings in extreme weather conditions or primitive landing areas. Keeping yourself safe while traveling may not be first on your mind, but you should be aware of what could happen and what you can do when it does. Some vacation safety tips include:

  • Packing appropriately. Make sure your luggage is constructed well so that straps will not catch on conveyor belts or moving escalators. Do not overstuff your luggage to where you might have to repack quickly or in unsafe conditions.
  • Refrain from excessive alcohol—both when en route and when you’ve arrived at your destination. Alcohol inhibits judgment, and there is no better time than when you are on vacation for someone to take advantage.
  • Read pool, swimming and safety rules when around any body of water, including a beach, hotel swimming pool or public recreation lake.
  • If you are involved in a car accident, the rules of that state will apply; be sure you know the rules before you drive if you are going to be staying in a certain state for a period of time.
  • Wear appropriate gear when engaging in any new sport or familiar activity. Read all waivers carefully before you sign up for a sport like bungee jumping, zip lining or parasailing. Investigate the school and instructors offering that activity.

No one wants their summer vacation to be ruined by a careless activity. A vacation should be an experience that we want to relive over and over, in our minds and through memorable photos. If you have been severely injured, or someone you know has been injured or died as a result of an accident that occurred while on vacation, it may be difficult to recreate the scene of the accident, and deal with authorities in a foreign country or other states. When you seek the assistance of a a New York attorney who is renowned for personal injury cases, your case will be in the hands of someone who can help you settle quickly and effectively.

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