Subway Accidents: Not Always Answers


When one person is dead and eighty are injured, there should be answers. When an electrical malfunction in a subway train puts hundreds at risk, there should be answers. When public funds pay for the installation and maintenance of public transportation, there should be answers. And yet, there still aren’t answers.

The accident on January 12th that left Carol Glover dead is still being investigated weeks later, but it seems that there are more new questions than new answers. Questions include:

  • How the electrical malfunction resulted in the creation of the toxic smoke?
  • Why the subway wasn’t evacuated at the first sign of danger?
  • Who was in charge of making the important safety calls, and why didn’t they make their decisions faster?
  • Was there anything in the smoke that made it more dangerous than any other smoke, and does this explain Carol Glover’s death?

Whenever something goes wrong in a subway or any other mass transit, it is absolutely necessary that the authorities do everything they can to maintain the public trust. Millions of people use mass transit every day under the impression that safety concerns are being highlighted and addressed. Taxpayers fund these programs, and their dollars shouldn’t be wasted on bloated benefits and paychecks when maintenance is being ignored.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a subway accident, waiting and waiting for the answers you desperately need just doesn’t work. The authorities will likely try to avoid answering questions if those answers make them look bad. Please contact an attorney to help you get the answers you need.

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