Spring Break and Teen Driving: When a Happy Time Turns Tragic


Some sad and tragic stories in the news recently featured joyriding teenagers involved in fatal accidents. In both cases, multiple families were affected, and often are when several kids from several families are victims. One minute we say a routine goodbye to our kids, and the next minute we’re rushing to the scene of a horrific crash. No parent wants to experience that.

Regardless of how often we preach to our teens will continue to take chances and dares, and attempt to prove that they can multitask with several passengers in their car. Truth be told, they can’t. Without sounding like a broken record, what can we do to ensure the safety of our teens in today’s world? Our New York law firm offers these tips:

  • Implement a “no more than one passenger” rule. More kids in the car mean more distractions.
  • Have your teen sign a pact about distracted driving and texting. Foundations dedicated to informing others of the dangers of distracted teen drivers offers a pledge for your teen to sign.
  • Drive with your teen occasionally to keep a pulse on driving habits. And, if you are brave enough, have one of their friend’s drive you so you can see those driving habits, as well.
  • Wait until your teen has graduated from high school before buying a coveted vehicle.
  • Ensure that your teen implements the same rules in cars driven by others.
  • Make sure your teen knows there are consequences if rules are not followed.
  • Insist on absolutely no alcohol in the car. That includes not being driven by an impaired driver.Car accidents are a leading cause of accidents among teens. If your child has been injured from an accident in a vehicle driven by someone else, the witness accounts could vary from one person to the next. Teens who have loyalty to each other might not always be the most forthcoming with facts and information. Injuries and stories among others could skew stories and twist timelines and events. And, dealing with other families who are going through their own series of personal situations can be time-consuming and argumentative. Situations like this cause riff among parties who used to be friends, and later become broken by accidents involving their teenagers.

Many families have been destroyed by accidents involving their teenager and friends of that teenager. More and more parents are taking charge of their teens when it comes to driving. With so many influences taking over the minds of our teens, as well as the social pressure they encounter your teen needs all the help you can give. Keep your family safe by taking control before the road takes control of your teen.

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