Shocking News About Downed Power Lines


In an unusual turn of events, a man lost his arm by electrocution when he poked a dead bear that was in his path. He poked the bear with a metal pole. What he did not know was that the bear had been lying on a downed power line. The man lived, luckily, but others are not so lucky when it comes to downed power lines. Had he received more voltage, he surely would have died by electrocution. Downed power lines are deadly, no matter how safe they appear. A downed power line does not mean a dead power line. Here’s what you need to know before you go poking around where you should not.

Many, many people die or are seriously injured from downed power lines, such as the man above who lost his arm. Downed power lines can be caused by a number of reasons: winter snow storms, heavy rain storms, electrical wire misplacement, an object hitting a power line, or construction workers moving a power line or running into a heavily charged power line with construction equipment or vehicles. If you come across a downed power line on the road or elsewhere, here are some ways to stay safe:

  • Report any downed power lines immediately.
  • Stay far away from the downed power line. You don’t know if the line is lying in water, or if there is a still a charge to the line. Better yet, you do not want to find out the hard way.
  • If you are in your car and a power line falls on your car, do not attempt to get out of the car. Touching the car as it is on a downed power line could result in a fatal shock. Honk your horn loudly and long.
  • Never try to help someone who is being shocked by a downed power line. Move away from the area by shuffling your feet, keeping them grounded at all times.
  • Caution your children about the same issues if your kids are at the age where they explore abandoned yards and open fields with their friends.

Downed power lines are best avoided at all costs. Those who try to be brave and take the wrong actions often find themselves in a serious personal injury case. If you have been injured by a downed power line or other electrical incident, or know someone who has died or has been seriously injured, you will want a Manhattan attorney on your side who can find the cause, responsible party and compensation you deserve to settle your case quickly and effectively.

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