School Injuries: Kids Will Be Kids


The primary purpose of school is education. We are only willing to part with our children for hours and hours a day because we want what is best for them, and it is practically impossible to find long-term success without a quality education. As a society, we have determined that school is so important that everyone has a right to attend.

But just because the primary purpose of school is education does not mean there are not other benefits. Schools offer children and teenagers the opportunity to learn proper social skills and how to get along with others. Having friends at school is an important part of childhood development, and the best schools find ways to encourage friendships and social development.

Most activities teens and kids participate in together are reasonably safe. Some amount of horsing around can be a good thing. But because kids are often unaware of their surroundings when engaging in this type of play, it is important that schools have safeguards in place to prevent serious injury.

One school, in Youngstown, Ohio, did not. On November 12th, a group of teenagers was having fun in front of the school when one of them stumbled into the street and was struck and killed by a school bus. An investigation is underway, but no investigation is needed to know some of the practices the school could have done to prevent this terrible tragedy, including:

  • Not allowing any type of horseplay near the bus lanes
  • Having personnel available to monitor how close students are to the street
  • Proper training for students to learn appropriate behavior while waiting for buses at the end of the day
  • Improved training for bus drivers to ensure proper speeds are maintained and how to stay focused on the job

Tragedies like this serve to remind us that people often let good practices slide until something awful happens. As a society we must remain vigilant and protective of our children. If you or someone you love has been injured in a school accident, it is important that you make sure the school addresses the negligence that led to the injury. Please contact a qualified attorney who can help you take the proper steps.

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