School Bus Stops: Safe or Dangerous?


When the school designates a meeting location for the school bus to pick up your child, we assume that some research has been done to ensure that particular bus stop is safe. But, as we sometimes find out, that’s not always the case. Sometimes the bus stop just means that location is the stop most heavily populated by attendees of that school and is a convenience for the bus driver. As parents, this becomes just one more thing we need to keep in mind when sending our child to school for the rest of the day. Bus stops can be the scene of injuries and accidents for kids of all ages. Here are just a handful of the incidents that could occur:

  • Parents and other adults who bring their dogs to the bus stop. Your child loves the furry dog that a friend’s mom brings to the bus stop. That dog is an angel when your child visits their home. But, what about when the dog is in an environment where other kids and distractions appear? Dog bites send many, many children to the hospital every year.
  • Playing on and near curbs while waiting for the bus. Children become bored waiting for the bus driver. Make sure they stay out of the road and away from any areas of danger.
    Running to the bus too soon. Instruct children to never approach the curb until the bus has come to a complete stop.
  • Lack of signage. In many neighborhoods, including private ones, the bus driver must make sure the stop sign on the bus is in plain view of all oncoming vehicles and that flashing lights are engaged. Children are known to run into the road. Likewise, be sure you see all kids who come off a bus before you proceed driving.
  • Nearby play equipment. Playground equipment should be reserved for playtime and not while kids are waiting for a school bus. Make sure all kids are at the bus stop paying attention to when the bus arrives. This will prevent them from running from where they are in a hurry, possibly tripping or falling off some play equipment from trying to rush to the bus.

We don’t think that bus stops are a cause for concern, but they can be areas of accidents when people are not paying attention. Kids, moving cars and buses can all be elements of disaster and concern when little ones are involved. If your child has been injured in a bus stop or school bus related accident, you will want to seek the advice of a New York attorney would can help you with your case.

School years are meant to be enjoyed by youngsters and parents alike. Keeping their safety in your mind at all times will ensure enjoyable school years to come.

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