Sandy Hook Elementary: One Year Later


Few tragedies affect us like ones involving children, and it’s likely none of us will ever forget the tragedy in Newtown in December 2012 when a gunman opened-fire in an elementary school killing his mother, 20 first graders and 6 teachers in this horrifying shooting spree. Hearing about an injured child is heartbreaking, particularly where multiple children are involved. Several questions remain unanswered, and many may never be answered. Families of both the victims and the killer are devastated, and may never heal from this type of loss. While developments have recently surfaced in the news about new findings in this case, many continue to wonder why

Sending our children to school is as much a long-time tradition as it is a right of passage, and we know we can’t be there at every waking moment. But we also encounter sudden fear in our hearts when we realize how tragedies like this can affect the lives of many for years to come. Keeping our kids safe is a constant challenge. Kids will be kids, and there is only so much we can do to make sure they don’t encourage any danger during the day. Events like the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School make us wonder, still, if there is anything more we can do to protect our children?

While it may be difficult to anticipate an event or random gunfire, there are some things you can investigate at the school your child attends to ensure safety in the case of an emergency:

  • Is there an emergency plan in place for natural disasters or accidental mishaps like a fire or an explosions?
  • Is there a crisis plan in place if someone displays mental distress or threatens a teacher or child?
  • How close or far is the school from the nearest emergency responder?
  • Is your child equipped to handle an emergency? Have they been instructed to pay attention during fire drills and emergency evacuation practices? Does your child have special needs that may need attention during a time of emergency?
  • Has the school been cited for unsafe practices?

It is difficult to predict tragedies that happen randomly, particularly when they involve gunfire or mental illness. We can continue o do our best to make sure our children stay safe when they are not in our care by investigating the school and its plan for emergency preparedness.

If your child, or the child of someone you know has been injured or killed in a school related accidents, the road ahead will be long and emotional. Enlisting the assistance of an attorney who is equipped to handle such cases will help you find comfort during your journey of healing.

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