Research Leads to Possible Link Between Head Injury and Sports Drinks


Despite the best efforts of many parents, energy drinks don’t seem to be going anywhere. Red Bull and Monster continue to see growth in sales, and sometimes it seems there isn’t a teenager in the country that doesn’t consume them on a regular basis. Though these products have long been linked to negative health outcomes such as kidney stones, a new study shows they might be particularly dangerous for young people whose brains are still developing.

According to research conducted in Ontario, Canada, energy drinks have been linked to a higher prevalence of Traumatic Brain Injury among young people who have suffered head trauma. Though only an initial study, there is a certain logic to it. Energy drinks are specially formulated to have an impact on the brain, so the idea that they might make the brain more susceptible to injury makes sense.

Young people suffer head trauma in a variety of ways, the most common of which are:

  • Sports related injuries
  • Car, bicycle, and other vehicular accidents
  • Falls

Energy drinks contain large amounts of caffeine, which in and of itself can be very dangerous. Caffeine causes excitation, and past studies have demonstrated that the agitated state caffeine can cause can make it more likely for people to engage in risky behaviors.

The rate of head injuries in teenagers continues to increase, and the proliferation of energy drinks could be a factor. Equally disturbing, the research indicated that in addition to making brain injury more likely, the severity of symptoms was also increased for many of the young adults drinking energy drinks.

Having a child suffer head trauma is absolutely terrifying for a parent. Knowing that energy drinks could make brain injury more likely and more severe is important. With this knowledge, parents can make informed decisions regarding their child’s choices. If your child has suffered a head injury due to the liability of another party, please contact a lawyer. You will already be dealing with a great deal of stress helping your child adjust; allow an experienced attorney to bear the stress of pursuing your case.

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