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Every few months we like to inform the masses of some recently recalled items that you may find in and around your home or place of employment. With the holiday and gift-giving season right around the corner, it’s important to know whether the purchase you’ve been long-awaiting is still on the shelves or whether it’s been removed due to recall activity. You might be looking for that perfect toy or play equipment you plan to provide your child. From a shiny new appliance that will make your life easier, to the latest trend in clothing or baby gear, it is not uncommon that your favorite item could show up unexpectedly on the recall list.

We all know that recalls occur when someone discovers a damaging effect of a product, whether it be injuring someone when it proves to be too late, or finding that there was just something faulty in the actual manufacturing of the product that prohibits it from performing effectively the way that it should. The saddest part is to discover that the product has caused injury or death before the recall itself. The event has to start somewhere, and we hope that the fault is caught before it hits the shelves. Not always true.

Some of the recent recalls established by the Consumer Product Safety Commission include:

Keeping up with recent recalls can be daunting, but only if you don’t know where to look. Once a product is recalled the consumer is alerted generally by way of a letter from the remanufacturer. In the letter, the manufacturer will provide options for the recall. In the case of a vehicle, you’ll often be advised to visit your dealership to have that particular part fixed at no charge. In the case of a toy or clothing item, you’ll often be advised to return the product, and stop using it immediately. Magazines like Consumer Reports feature articles about recently recalled items. You can also be kept apprised of recent recalls when you subscribe to the automatic news feed issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Keeping your family safe means staying ahead of the game, and knowing what products cause or pose hazards or threats in and around your home. If you have been injured, or know someone who has been injured or died as a result of a recently recalled product, enlist the advice of a New York attorney who knows product liability law to ensure the process and steps you must take to gain compensation for your situation.

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