Proper Lane Design and Markings Important


Properly flowing traffic is the hallmark of well-designed and implemented roadways. Though this can be difficult to achieve in older neighborhoods, where buildings may have been constructed too close to older streets to allow for proper road widths, city planners should try to minimize the number of skinny streets and strangely arranged intersections.

Design is important to minimize traffic problems and decrease the risk of accident, but implementation is just as important. One of the keys to proper implementation is correct lane markings. Lane markings can provide a great deal of information quickly, including:

  • Rules regarding passing
  • How early or late a person can enter a turn lane
  • Whether lane changes are prohibited
  • Upcoming railroad tracks

Lane markings are often the ideal way to present this information, as they are always present, unlike signs that a person might miss while driving past. Unfortunately, many municipalities do not take advantage of this potential, resulting in poor traffic flow and an increased risk for accidents.

Even when proper lane markings are designed and implemented, failure to perform proper upkeep can quickly result in dangerous roads. City officials must make sure that the stripes are repainted as necessary for them to remain clear and easily interpreted by drivers. Though more timely upkeep may cause minor traffic problems as roads must be closed for brief periods of time to allow it, the increased overall safety is worth it.

Determining whether or not poorly designed, signed, or painted roads contributed to an accident can be difficult. Though in most cases drivers are responsible for their own actions, a particularly bad design will often result in an inordinate amount of accidents occurring in a particular intersection or on a particular road. If you believe this may have been a factor in your accident, please consult with a qualified attorney.

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