Plane Mysteries and Accidents: A Flight Gone Bad


Still fresh in the news is the tragedy of Malaysian Flight 370. While authorities have now concluded that the fateful flight ended in the Indian Ocean, a search is still underway to find parts of the plane and to find out exactly what happened. Speculation surrounding the incident originally ranged from terrorism, to hijacking, to a common flight error, to running out of gas, to many more stories and theories that may never surface.

Whenever we find ourselves as a passenger on a plane, train or boat, we take a certain number of risks. Although the mass transportation vessels are equipped to withstand certain conditions—and are navigated by professionals who have years of experience under their belts­—we are all aware that accidents can happen. Accidents that range from hitting objects in the way of the plane, missing a runway, running low of fuel, exploding in the sky, and hijacking and terrorism to the extent which we may never understand. Is there a way you can prevent yourself from being a victim when something goes seriously wrong on your flight? Yes—and no.

While some situations are unpredictable, any time you are involved in an accident that involves an airline, boat or plane, there is a chance for a personal injury case because of the likelihood that negligence was involved in one way or another. A missing plane or an accident for which there is no recovery can be more challenging, but a case still exists and will be left to the surviving family members to decide how they want to proceed.

If you have been involved a accident involving airplane, train or boat, or had a loved one who was injured or died from an accident such as Flight 370, the more professional support you have in your court the better. Dealing with the aviation authorities and other large organizations is not an easy task. Your New York attorney will be able to tell you what materials and supporting evidence you need to have in order to support your case and find justice sooner rather than later.