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Everyday millions of individuals in the New York metropolitan area use public transportation such as buses, subways, or the railways. Fortunately, these methods of transportation are considered safe and, with few exceptions, most riders arrive at their destinations without incident. However, in those instances where a passenger is either injured

Social responsibility. In its simplest terms social responsibility means taking action by communicating alerts that help us and others avoid harmful situations, most often defined by the obligation to report an incident that could affect someone negatively in some way. Everyone is in a hurry these days to commute from

The East Coast and the Midwest are no strangers to weathering the brutal winter storms that invade their regions every year. Icy conditions are treacherous for drivers, pedestrians and those who step out the front door to retrieve the morning paper. From an everyday standpoint, icy conditions in neighborhoods occur

Digital technology is slowly eliminating the traditional need for print shops and quick copy storefronts. But, old-school print house operations are still in existence serving businesses with print needs, and employing millions of people nationwide. They’re not going anywhere, despite the capabilities of Print on Demand and on-line ordering platforms

Nature’s fury can be most frightening. It can lash out with a category 3 hurricane leaving thousands in a struggle for survival. It can create a massive tsunami thus creating a towering wave that can uproot houses, bridges, and tractor-trailers, sweeping them away like they were children’s toys. It can

It never fails. No matter what time of year, there is always road work to be done. As drivers, we see this as a huge temporary inconvenience as we have to wait for the lead vehicle to direct us where to drive, or drive our car much slower than normal

Ahhh… the holidays. Sigh of despair, or a glimmer of excitement? From the change of seasons when Labor Day rolls around to the loud and festive ringing-in of a new day on New Year’s Eve, society whips into a frenzy to check everything off the never-ending to-do list. Picnics, parties

Storms like Hurricane Sandy and Katrina, and tornadoes like those that hit the Midwest often leave an obvious devastating path to all objects in the way. We experience after-effects like fallen trees, flying debris, slippery roads, and downed power lines. As a result, power outages occur in many ways. Utility

Dog bites have become an every day occurrence as far as hospital visits are concerned nationwide. Troublesome for both the owner and the victim, dog bites create animosity, conflict, resentment, anger and fear (and that goes for the dog, too). Most dog owners think their dogs are “fine” and balk