Officials Aware of Amtrak Systemic Issues


The derailment of a train on April 3rd, 2017 did not come as a complete surprise to Amtrak officials, who were well aware of track problems in the area of Penn Station even before the accident occurred. According to a press release, Amtrak officials are aware of many problems with the tracks for the mass transit system. Despite being aware of these potential problems, nothing has been done to prevent these derailments, even though hundreds if not thousands of lives, are at risk each time a train travels down sections of these dangerous tracks.

Officials believe they know the source of the danger. The wood ties beneath the tracks have weakened with age and moisture, causing the tracks to bow apart. The increased width of the tracks does not accommodate the trains. So long as this is the case, there will be an elevated risk or derailment. Though it is good that officials are admitting to systemic problems in the Penn Station area, the fact remains that these issues were not shared with the public until after the incident had occurred. Hundreds of thousands of commuters had ridden those tracks for months, unaware of the danger beneath them every time.

Safety should be paramount, particularly when dealing with large objects moving at high speeds. Any accident with a subway car has the potential to cause severe injury and death. In fact, a mass transit incident that does not cause injury or death requires a great deal of luck.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a subway accident, determining the cause of the accident is important. In this case, Amtrak took responsibility quickly, but this is not always the case. Please, retain an experienced attorney who can help you press for the answers you need and the compensation to which you are entitled.

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