Nursing Home Abuse: The Caretaker Mentality


There’s only one good reason to get involved in providing care at your job: that is you are a caring person. There are other ways to make money. If your primary motivation isn’t taking care of those in need, then you probably won’t do a very good job.

Medical negligence is an all too common event in nursing homes and other care facilities, but it isn’t the only form of abuse and neglect that occur daily across the country. Our elderly are very vulnerable. A person who can’t clothe or feed him or herself is obviously not going to be able to get out of a burning building, and yet staff at one personal care home in Atlanta decided to leave a patient behind and assume she could manage for herself.

Thankfully the firefighters arrived in time, but by the time they actually rescued the woman from the house she had already suffered severe burns. We actually shouldn’t be too surprised that the staff didn’t bother to save the woman. Considering just how common abuse and neglect are in these facilities, leaving her to die probably didn’t take even a second thought.

It is impossible to know the full extent of mistreatment that goes on in nursing homes, in large part because the nursing homes themselves are so good at hiding it. When an abuse allegation does occur, the facility frequently responds by:

  • Insisting the abuse claim is false, and that a person who needs nursing home care can’t be trusted y
  • Instructing staff to “forget” what occurred and not answer questions
  • Stalling so that bruises and other signs of injury can fade

States rarely intervene to protect our vulnerable citizens until it is too late. If you or a loved one has suffered abuse or neglect in a nursing home, it is up to you to make sure that your loved is protected. Visit your loved ones who are in nursing homes frequently and speak with the staff members so that they know a good friend or family member is interested and concerned about the elderly. If you see or learn of abuse in a nursing home, find a qualified attorney to help you press for both the answers and the change that is needed to ensure our elderly are treated with dignity.

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