No Excuses for Drunk Driving


On March 5th, 2015, off-duty police officer Pedro Abad was arrested for drunk driving after an accident that left two people dead. He had been driving the wrong way down the turnpike when the accident occurred. This wasn’t Abad’s first drunk driving arrest. He had already been cited multiple times for driving under the influence, yet somehow still had his license.

Now, facing a long stint in prison, Abad has offered a ridiculous excuse for his intoxication. Abad and his friends had been at a strip club that night, and Abad claims one of the strippers must have drugged his drink. He can’t offer any reason for them to have done so, and there are no other customers of the same club who have been involved in drunk-driving accidents. It seems obvious he has no proof of his claim, and he is just hoping this last-ditch excuse will keep him from going to prison for a long time.

Sadly, ridiculous excuses are commonplace when people are caught driving under the influence. There are nearly as many excuses as there are drunk drivers. Cops hear every ridiculous reason under the sun, including:

  • The accident was caused by adverse weather, even though it’s a perfectly clear night
  • Someone had replaced the driver’s non-alcoholic beer with alcoholic beer
  • The driver had been cooking with brandy but hadn’t had anything to drink, but the brandy in the food triggered a false positive

Drunk drivers rarely choose to take responsibility for their crimes. Most the time they fight the charges, even if their actions have left other people seriously injured or even dead. Drunk driving is an irresponsible act, so it is no surprise that the people who do it don’t take responsibility for their actions.

If you or someone you love has been injured by a drunk driver, it is of vital importance you make the drunk driver take responsibility for their actions. Don’t let them offer terrible excuses to the court. Find yourself an experienced attorney who will know exactly how to hold the drunk driver accountable for their actions.

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