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The spring and fall are not the only times that carnivals pop up around the country. Jingle bells and making spirits bright mean festive times for all and those festivities continue long after visits from gift-giving heroes and new year celebrations. Every parent continues to look for ways to keep kids occupied no matter what time of year. But, despite the fun and frivolity, there are still some accidents that can occur and staying safe at these venues will mean happier times for all through the new year and many years to come.

When walking along sidewalks and streets in snowy and slushy weather, it is best to keep your eyes where your feet will go, particularly in unfamiliar venues where carnivals and fairs are held. Slips and falls continue to be a problem for many regardless of any type of weather condition. When in carnival areas, and parts of the venue where rides and amusement cars operate, keep these tips in mind also:

  • Watch for cords and equipment; necessary at carnival venues, but not always in the best place for safety.
  • Never get up while a car is moving. The car could start suddenly and propel you out of the car.
  • Falling from a ride is a probability at any venue, but careless actions can make it happen sooner than later. Never mess with the railing or seatbelts; people have been known to fall from Ferris wheels and other rides that are above ground.
  • Never jump on a ride while it is already moving.
  • Never try to jump out of a car when it is already moving.

Various municipalities make it challenging to find out who is at fault at fairs and carnivals, particularly when several are involved including private and public owners. The park has a certain responsibility to provide safe setting, and reasonable attempt to address unsafe conditions. Although some are inspected regularly and others on an intermittent basis, amusement parks fall into several categories. If you have been injured at an amusement park this winter, or know someone who has been injured or died, seeking the right legal counsel will assist you in finding resolution at the time when you need it the most.

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