Pickup Truck Crashes Into Staten Island Deli


STATEN ISLAND, NY – The driver of gray Toyota TDR pickup truck lost control of his vehicle in Staten Island late Tuesday morning, crashing it into the Arrochar Market at 101 McClean Ave. One person was sent to the hospital for treatment.

It was unclear if excessive speed or inclement weather was a factor in the incident, although at least one local resident believes that a speed bump could have prevented the wreck. Residents of nearby Ocean Ave. “have been requesting a speed bump for years to no effect,” Althea Morin told the Staten Island Advance. “A speed bump would save lives.”

Building Damage and Car Accidents

While they’re often reported in the news as unusual occurrences, car accidents involving buildings are actually quite common — in fact, as many as 60 happen every day in the United States. These accidents account for more than $200 million in property damage and personal injury expenses every year.

Here’s the breakdown in car accidents involving buildings by cause:

  • Operation error: 28%
  • Pedal error: 28%
  • DUI: 18%
  • Traffic accidents: 11%
  • Medical emergency: 8%
  • Burglary: 7%

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