De Blasio Unveils Self-Swab Coronavirus Tests


NEW YORK, NY – Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the rollout of a new self-administered coronavirus swab test yesterday, which experts hope will reduce the likelihood of transmission between patients and medical professionals.

Up to now, coronavirus testing has required a healthcare worker to insert a swab deep inside a patient’s nose, which often caused the patient to violently sneeze or cough — expelling potentially infectious air and water molecules onto the healthcare worker, according to city Health and Hospitals President Dr. Mitchell Katz.

In the new process de Blasio unveiled yesterday, a healthcare worker would explain to a patient how to self-administer the test, and would then guide the patient from a safe distance with the aid of a mirror. The patient would also spit into a cup to provide a second check for cross-testing purposes.

De Blasio said that in addition to decreasing the risk of infection, the new system would allow clinics to complete as many as 20 tests per hour instead of 15.

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