Bronx Motorcyclist Crashes When Police Erect Barrier in His Path


THE BRONX, NY – A motorcyclist fell off his vehicle when police officers erected a barrier in his path at the last minute, the New York Post reports. The incident occurred early Sunday evening.

The NYPD say they were responding to reports of motorcyclists driving carelessly at the intersection of Bronx River Avenue and Bruckner Boulevard. A video posted to Instagram shows the officers hastily stretching a steel barrier across the Bronx River Avenue exit ramp, forcing a motorcyclist to ground his bike rather than risk hitting the obstruction and being thrown from his vehicle.

Benjamin Gonzalez, 27, got up from the bike and attempted to run away before he bumped into another motorcyclist and surrendered to the police. The filmer can be heard shouting “Yo, bro, you good! What they’re doing right here is illegal, bro!”

Gonzalez was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation. Police say that he was uninjured but that cannot be confirmed at this time. He is currently facing charges of reckless endangerment, reckless driving and aggravated unlicensed operator.

Filing a Lawsuit Against the City

Cases such as Mr. Gonzalez’s can be complex. While it is impossible to know from the facts presented in the Posts’s reporting, it seems that the arresting officers may have exercised improper force when stretching the barrier in his path and forcing him to risk injury. The fact that they charged him with crimes does not absolve them of this excessive use of force.

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