21 Percent of NYC Residents Test Positive for COVID-19 Antibodies


NEW YORK, NY – Per the Gothamist, Governor Andrew Cuomo revealed at his Thursday press conference the results of a statewide study which found that more than 21% of the roughly 1,300 New York City residents tested were found to have antibodies associated with COVID-19. The presence of these antibodies suggests that an individual had previously contracted and fought off the virus, although it is still unclear what level of antibodies is needed to in order to be immune from future infection.

A total of 3,000 grocery shoppers comprised the statewide study group. In addition to the 21.2% of NYC residents found to have antibodies, 16.7% of Long Island residents tested positive for antibodies, as did 11.7% of Westchester and Rockland County residents. Just 3.6% of other New Yorkers were found to have antibodies, for a statewide total of nearly 14%.

Adjusting these numbers to the general population suggests that 2.6 million people across the state have already contracted COVID-19, including 1.7 million in New York City alone.

New Yorkers line up for coronavirus testing in Brooklyn. Photo credit: Andrew Kelly/REUTERS

Testing is expected to be one of the most important tools in fighting the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, as it will identify who can safely return to work, who can donate blood to help treat those currently fighting infection, and the extent of the outbreak.

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