Negligence in Ferry Accidents


A ferry bearing passengers from Nantucket to Hyannis ran aground in the late evening of June 16th, 2017, leaving 18 injured. An investigation by the Coast Guard has yet to yield any answers as to why the boat went off track and crashed into the rocky shoals, though the company that owned and operated the ferry indicated weather might have been a factor. A definitive explanation could take months if one is ever found.

Weather conditions were not ideal during the late run, but weather conditions alone do not explain what happened. Though high winds and choppy waters increase the likelihood of an accident, experienced sailors account for these problems hundreds of times a year. Extensive training and time at sea teaches that a boat should only be operated at whatever speeds are safe for the present conditions.

The captain and crew have not yet made themselves available for interviews, nor have they offered any justification for losing control of the craft. Though there very well may be a reasonable explanation, it is just as likely that best practices were not followed during the excursion, resulting in significant injuries to some of the passengers.

An accident like this should be preventable. Following safety guidelines as to how to operate a ferry in difficult conditions should keep something like this from ever happening. Those eighteen people shouldn’t have been injured.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a ferry accident, relying on the official investigation to determine the full extent of negligence is not always the best idea. An experienced attorney can help steer you on the proper course, ensuring all the proper questions are asked to determine whether or not you were harmed as the result of another’s bad actions. Contact a qualified lawyer to help you pursue your case.

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