Muscle Death From Surgical Malpractice


Hernia surgeries are fairly routine as far as surgeries go. Hernias occur when organs or tissue protrude through holes in muscle tissue. Hernias can be excruciatingly painful, and even after they are repaired there can be lasting instability or weakness in the affected portion of the body. Some patients are put on activity and lifting restrictions for the rest of their lives in order to limit the possibility of a recurrence of the hernia.

The risk of complications does exist with hernia surgeries, particularly surgeries utilizing mesh to hold the organ or tissue in place. In many cases, the mesh itself is defective, failing to hold the organ or causing a variety of other complications. But a case out of Tennessee demonstrates that mesh complications are not the only risk factor with hernia surgery.

The plaintiff, Joseph Waddell, filed suit on October 31st, 2017, regarding a hernia surgery that left him with dead tissue in his extremities. The dead tissue was caused by a nicked aorta suffered during the procedure. Extensive follow-up care was required and was not completely successful.

The risk of a nicked blood vessel exists in most surgeries, which is why surgeons are highly trained and skilled individuals who are expected to execute their procedures with absolute precision. Any damage to a blood vessel risks serious complications, especially if it isn’t promptly diagnosed and fixed.

If you or someone you love has suffered due to a botched surgical or other medical procedure, know that you are not alone. Medical professionals make far too many mistakes because all too often they are not held accountable for the side effects that result from those mistakes. Please, consult with an experienced attorney on how to hold doctors responsible for their dangerous actions.

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