Motorcycles vs. Cars: Pay Attention to the Rules of the Road


Motorcycles take to the road to the tune of hundreds of thousands per year. And, motorcycle accidents accounted for close to 4,600 injuries in 2011. Many of those injuries were head and spinal cord injuries from helmets being tossed, helmets that cracked upon impact, or the lack of helmets being used completely. Motorcycles can be difficult to see on some busy highways, and riders always take risks when passing huge vehicles. As a rider of a motorcycle, what are some of the ways you can stay safe?

  • Always wear a helmet. In some states, this is a law. This rule may seem overstated and elementary, but helmet use is still the number one rule to keeping yourself safe in case of an accident.
  • Always obey the rules of the road no matter how experienced you are riding a motorcycle or how safe you think the conditions may be.
  • Avoid weaving in and out of cars on freeways. This prevents them from seeing you, and may cause a multivehicle accident.
  • Always make sure you can be seen by cars you are passing, and always pass in a safe zone for passing.
  • Keep both hands on the handles of your motorcycle at all times.
  • Make sure any passengers with you also wear helmets at all times, regardless of how short of a trip you take.
  • Keep within the speed limit, and be cautious around curves and mountain grades.
  • Wear appropriate clothing for motorcycle riding. Certain material are better for preventing abrasions and certain items are clothing are more easily seen by others on the road.

Motorcyclists love what they do when they take long rides; they love the air and wind in their faces. If you are a motorcyclist who has taken all the right precautions and have still been involved in accident involving another vehicle, you will want to seek the assistance of an attorney who is known for settling personal injury cases of all kinds.

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