Mechanical Diagnosis on the Horizon


Machines have been helping doctors make diagnoses for decades now. CT scans, PET scans, and x-rays have made diagnosing certain diseases, such as lung cancer, brain lesions, and even pneumonia significantly simpler and more reliable. No longer are doctors required to use only the patient’s symptoms to make a decision. Additional information is almost always a good thing.

But despite these steps forward in imaging, successful diagnostics is still elusive. Disease diagnoses are missed with frightening regularity, leaving thousands of people to suffer unnecessarily. Despite the precision of the machines, human error and poor techniques present problems.

New technology promises to take the next step and move away from these errors by developing a machine that can make a diagnosis without the need for a doctor to interpret results. One of these machines currently under development is devised to use changes in a person’s breath over time to note changes.

This is not entirely a new idea. For years, dogs have displayed the ability to detect cancer and certain forms of necrosis by smelling patients. But dogs have proven unreliable. This new technology attempts to use the same underlying mechanisms that the dog uses.

It is not yet established how many diseases could be diagnosed through these machines, but a large number of cancers have displayed the necessary biomarkers in lab tests. Only time will tell, but researchers are hopeful.

If you or someone you love suffered due to a missed diagnosis, you know all too well how important early detection is. You or your loved one likely suffered or even died due to the lapse in diagnostics. The first step is to contact an experienced attorney who can help you determine just where things went wrong, and who can help you obtain the compensation to which you are entitled.

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