Marijuana Goes Mainstream


The rapid rise in acceptance of marijuana use in America has shocked many people. Where just a decade ago even medical marijuana was a rare commodity, now more and more states have turned to legalization of recreational use to boost tax receipts. There is no clearer sign of this burgeoning acceptance than the number of mainstream companies willing to align themselves with marijuana producers.

The most recent announcement is from the makers of Arizona Iced Tea, who have decided to partner with a Colorado grower and create a line of edibles, starting with gummies but with a clear vision of eventually expanding into their existing product line of beverages.

Though there are solid arguments for and against marijuana legalization, there is no denying that in states like Colorado where recreational use is allowed, the number of traffic accidents has increased. More people are driving under the influence, and people under the influence are much more likely to get into a collision.

Many people do not realize that the effects of marijuana can last much longer than the effects of alcohol. A person who has a few drinks may be functionally sober within a few hours, where a person who ingests marijuana may remain impaired well into the next day. People using these substances must be mindful of these dangers and proceed accordingly.

Though decriminalization may make it legal to possess marijuana, it does not make it legal to operate a motor vehicle while under its effects. If you have been in an accident and you suspect the other driver was under the influence, please reach out to an experienced attorney to help you make your case and hold the other person responsible for their irresponsible choices.

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